Thursday, March 15, 2007

Video Woes Part 1

Ok. Just to let you know, before last night, I'd never seen the inside of a Mini DV cassette (the tape that goes in my camcorder). Now, I think I'm very familiar with all of it's video guts delicate inner workings.

I mentioned before that I edit some video from time to time. Well, last night was one of those times. I was putting the video of a ladies meeting we'd had back in September onto the computer to edit and burn onto DVD (Why I waited 6 months to do this, I'll never know.) - and I was missing Tape #2. That just means that every tape in the house had to be looked at.

I'd found a tape that had some issues. The problem was that the actual filmy tape inside had been snapped into (like it's some kind of green bean). I then decided that I would splice the two ends back together. Which means that I must go to Wal-Mart to gather all the necessary supplies required for video tape splicing (whatever those are). While there, I managed to find the smallest screwdriver set known to man (for a whopping $.88! WooHoo!), some packing tape (because you do want the connection to be secure), and an exacto knife. Is that what you really use? I don't know. I've never done this before. We're experimenting!

I go home to begin the procedure, and let me just say right now - I'VE NEVER SEEN SCREWS SOOOOOO SMALL!!!!! And since the screws are sooo small, you know one of them has to hit the floor, right?! Yup. Maybe it was because God granted me X-ray vision for a very short period of time that I was able to find said dropped screw and place it back in it's respective crevice. Much rejoicing took place at that time. Then, it was on to the "hard stuff".

The ends went together very nicely - and the outer shell went back together very nicely, too. I then put the cassette into the video camera and closed the door. It would only load the tray into the camera halfway. WHAZUP WIT DAT?! Well, after weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and checking of the owner's manual, I decide to press the "reset" button on the camcorder. BIG MISTAKE! At this point I got really frustrated and went to practice - and then on to bed. Just couldn't handle it anymore.

So, at 6:30 am (yuck), I took the cassette apart - AGAIN! (Can't you hear me muttering under my breath about now? I thought so.) There was one little plasitc part I didn't see earlier. I put it back into it's place and put it all back together again. Attempting to play it in the camcorder again, I jam gently place the cassette back into the holder, close it, and voila! Now I can play the video.

Seeing as how I have NO STINKIN' CLUE about what's on this particular tape (remember I checked EVERY OTHER one in the house), I hit play. IT'S TAPE #2!!!!! Now I'm concerned that what took place will not be able to be played because the tape has been mangled.

More later...........I'm just too stinkin tired for the rest of the story right now. See ya!