Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More fun with kids.....

Ok. I really don't think being with the kids is like "committing suicide - very slowly". We've taken this opportunity to work with them, since apparently, God's letting us take hiatus from having our own family.

So having said that, I'd like to tell you about our bowling trip. We took the kids bowling after the friday night of VBS. It was too funny.

The guys decided that they didn't want any girls on their lane. So, all 7 girls (including adults) were on one lane. The other 5 guys (more adults included) were on the other lane. Do you see something wrong with this picture? Our game took a sweet forever to finish. Mainly because the girls kept goofing off. What else are teenagers supposed to do when you take them somwhere?

Anyway, E made up this little dance to see if it would improve her scores. Basically, you get a ball, walk up to the line, face away from the lane, turn around a couple of times, bob up and down a couple of times, hop around on one foot, and "granny-roll" the ball through your legs toward the pins, it's supposed to work. All I know is when I pulled myself up off the floor from laughing at her little dance, she had all the guys trying it! One of the guys even got a strike when he did her dance - I think we all just about fell on the floor. Waaaaaaaaaaaay too funny.

Then, the next Saturday, we had a car wash with the kids. J & M brought their 2 kids. The baby stayed inside with M's mom. Their older daughter, C aka "Girlfriend" (3 yr old), was out helping with the car wash. She was too cute! She'd grab a sponge and tell the 'big kids', "No! You're doing it wrong! You do it like this!" and proceed to scrub one small spot on the side of the car. Then, she came over and smacked me on the butt. I turned around to see this sweet little girl with the craziest scowl on her face - then she looks at me and says, "You sprayed me with the water. You got me wet! How am I supposed to work like this?!". I laughed and apologized to her.

That Sunday before church, I asked her if she ever got dry. She told me that it "took an extremely long time and it was a lot of work".

Too funny!!!!!