Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, hello there!

I've just been enjoying a "bloggy break".

We made it through the Christmas program. It went smoother than expected. The spirit that seemed to envelope the service was exciting. There were just enough people who knew just enough to make them extremely excited. The whole topper of the evening was that C (one of my girls from "way back when" started coming back and decided to help with the program), she went back to the altar and rededicated her life to the Lord. That was the whippie with a cherry on top!

Then, we had a lock-in for those crazy kids on New Year's. It was really fun. The couple that's been helping us, J & M, had their older daughter, K (4 years old), there too. She was soooo funny when it came time to play hide-and-go-seek-in-the-dark. We gave her a flashlight (she's 4 - I didn't want to give her nightmares for the rest of her life). She came back from the first game and said, "THAT WAS TOOO COOL!!! CAN WE PLAY AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!" I think she liked it.

Now, it's on to competition stuff.

I might try to put some of the stuff on YouTube, but I'm not going to guarantee anything.

I'll post again tomorrow with pics from the Christmas program - AND THE WINGS I MADE!!!! Yes, I'm still a little hung on the wings. They're just soooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think y'all will agree.

See you tomorrow!