Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Skirts

Ok. I promised to post about my skirts. I'm still in the process of making a few, but here's what I have.

The first skirt is the patchwork. It took the most time to put together. You can buy fabric already patched together, but it's not as unique.

The second is made from the same pattern. There's also a pic of the pattern that I'm using.

Skirt #1 Skirt #2

The Pattern:

These 10 swatches are for
Skirt #1. This swatch is for Skirt #2.

I made a skirt about a month ago from this pattern:

You might not be able to tell, but that is navy gingham. With a white T-shirt and white flip-flops, it was the cutest thing.

The other skirts that I'm working on are made from that second pattern. These are the fabric swatches.

On the left is the black and red set. The fabric to the right is the base fabric. It will make all the main panels. The fabric on the left will be an accent fabric. It will be made into upside-down V's to be sewn onto the black fabric.

On the right, this piece will be made just like the navy gingham in the above picture.

I couldn't take pictures of me wearing these. I didn't have enough light for the full-length mirror, but I'll have some pictures taken this next week when we go to The Big City for the Nationals.

I'll try to have some pictures of the kids during the competition, too.