Thursday, June 28, 2007

I just don't believe it!!!!

Well, I must say that I was truly blessed last weekend.

I have a freind who's listed on my sidebar who just happens to be a songwriter. Not just ANY songwriter, but THE songwriter. You know the one who just won the "Song of the Year" award (you must keep up on the Southern Gospel circut). Yes, that's right. It's "my best good friend" Kyla Rowland. Might I just say - somebody was going to have to tie me up with a straight-jacket peel me off the celing calm me down a bit if I couldn't do it on my own. You see, she asked me to sing with her! That's right. I got to sing with her and her wonderful hubby, Bob.

Let me just say right now - if ever I had a dream to do anything, it would be to sing for a living. That's all I've ever wanted to do. I kinda conditioned myself for that. I was in the Show Choir at the "Old High School" (because they've consolidated it). I was in the big Concert Choir, All-State, All-State Chamber (only a select few got that honor), and a few different choral groups outside of school.

So, this becomes understandable that I'm kinda bored doing anything but music or "The Arts", but I'm making due. I mean, the bills don't stop just because you don't have a paying 'gig' all the time. That's why I'm at The Office and C is at The Plant. It's all because of those pesky little bills. Why can't they just STOP ALREADY!!!!! I mean, for goodness sake! Can't you people leave me alone for more than 2 stinkin seconds?!

Anyway, I was excited. We sounded really good. Which is a feat in and of itself - we didn't get to practice! You heard me correctly. No practice time and we sounded great. All I can say is:

YAY, GOD!!! There's no other reason that it could've been pulled off.

So, there you go. My adventure for the week. Now it's on to planning the rest of the year's worth of activities for our church's youth group. Did I mention that you end up kinda looney when you've done youth ministry by yourself (well, me & C) for 6 years?!