Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Yes, I know I'm a total slacker!!!! I've been busier than a one-legged man in a back-side kicking contest, one-arm paper hanger, and...well, you get the idea.

Anyway, I've also been working on some other projects. Stuff to do with the kids during youth meeting, stuff for the women's meeting that I usually just help with but am now doing a whole host of things, and generally losing my mind. =) I hope you understand.

Kids Stuff:
We're taking the official "Summer Trip" this Saturday. We're going to go jump off a cliff the Cincinnati Zoo and the Newport Aquarium. I think they will have loads of fun! This trip does include an overnight stay. "THANK YOU, YO BOB!" for thinking of the people who would be doing all the driving. Although, I've done it before. Drive 3 hours, walk around in the heat all day while the kids get baked on crazy rides that would make you throw up dinner from 2 decades ago, pile back into the van, stop at "The Golden Hog Trough" on the way home, deposit children at the correct address, meander your way to your house, careen the van into our parking spot, pile into our house, take out contacts that are permantly sealed to your eyeballs, fall in the bed, and die......until morning. Then, you've got to get up and get ready for morning worship service and are expected to be in the "oh, so holy" vein. (Man, what run-on sentences you have! Says the big, bad wolf.)

WHATEVER!!! This trip works out really well. Every place we were going to go (we trimmed it from 4 different locations to visit down to 2 different locations - I was proud of them) opened at 9am-ish and everything was closed by 6. Ummmm, ok. So, out of the last 6 or 7 years we've been taking them on trips, this will be the first that we'll be getting to bed about the same time as normal! I'm liking it!!!!

Women's meeting:
My mom is the president for the WV State Women Active for Christ. Which means I get to help with the ladies retreat that will happen in about 3 weeks. The theme for this fall's meeting is "Farther On - I Can Only Imagine" and will be all about Heaven. Mom asked me to sing "I Can Only Imagine" for the meeting. I decided to spice things up a little by having the girls from my youth group doing the sign language to the song while I'm singing it. That should be good.

Mom and I went shopping last night. We bought some fabric to make a drape for the top of the baby grand in the sanctuary and a table runner for the communion table. Those will look nice!

Then, while in deep discussion with Mom about all things retreat-ish, she told me that she hadn't talked to anybody about doing a skit for the Saturday morning session. I offered a suggestion that maybe she give somebody an idea like doing commerical spots. Like for Philadelphia Cream Cheese "It's so heavenly, it's almost sinful!" kinda thing. So, since I came up with the idea, I'm going to work it out with Em. Oh, what fun. (It's kinda like slave labor, but not.) KIDDING!!!

I'm also in charge of the spoken word service (I stole the idea from Boomama's church. We did one last year and it tore the place up real good.). This will be interesting. I'm going to have about 3 weeks to get it all, and everyone who is going to participate, together. Lots of fun stuff!

Well, I think I'm tired of rambling, and I'm sure that you're much too busy to stay here much longer (that's why you're "doing reasearch online" right now, isn't it? Ok, if you say so.). So, I'm going to end this fun-fest. I'll be back at "the next appointed" bloggity time (we Baptists always refer to service times as "the next appointed time". You'll catch on quick.).

Oh, the amount of links and parenthasis' (I'm not sure I even spelled that right. I used spell check and it gave me 3 different possibilities. I don't know - that's why I'm asking you, stupid computer.) in this paragraph.


The store is now closing please take all purchases to the check out registers.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEBODY STOP ME, PLEASE!!!!!!!


Smiliegirl said...

I wrote a little skit. It's nothing huge, but it could be something we could work off of, or we don't have to use it at all. Either way when you get this comment me and i will send it too you some how.

Smiliegirl said...

yessss! morning coffee, and peanut M&M :P

And woot for sandwiches!!

Yeah i'm on for the day seeing as i never went to bed last night (yeah thats y i'm up so early lol) and i dunno if i got the reply or not haha, but i will send u my pitiful attempt for a skit to u and just let me know when/if you get it.

Smiliegirl said...

didya get it?

Smiliegirl said...

ok that's cool.
and i didn't get a reply from the message i sent to you, but i did get something you forwarded the title was something like "CREEEEPY TRY IT" lol

Smiliegirl said...


ahhh go there!! lol
This is my favorite sonnggg!

Smiliegirl said...

hahahaha DUHHHHHHHH! lol
post: PUMPED!