Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I'm not sure.


I've been right here at The Office. I've just had some real work that needed done.

I know all of you are wondering about "The Trip". We went, we saw, we even bought the T-shirt. That's it in a nutshell.

Ok, I'll elaborate.

We left the church later than planned. (Big surprise - NOT!) Anyway, we went one hour down the road and stopped for dinner. (What do you expect out of a van full of Baptists?) Then, we hit the road. We arrived at the hotel at about 11:30 on that Friday night. There were a few that were ready for bed. We did have 2 girls that stayed up til 3 or 4 am and the alarm went off about 6:30. Those 2 girls stayed awake the whole day! How do they do that?!

When the description for the hotel says "Deluxe Breakfast" we assumed it would be like the regular breakfasts that the hotels give you when you purchase a nights stay at their hotel. No such luck, but there was a McStablishment right across the street. We're in luck!

We took our time getting everywhere. Kinda. We got to the zoo and took the big loop around. It was a little bigger than what I remembered. (Well, in all fairness, when I was there before, half of the zoo was closed for remodeling. Most everything was open for this trip.) We spent about 2-1/2 hours there. We could've stayed a little longer, but we were trying to make the aquarium by 2. Some of my girls were taking pics with everything they saw. E & K were hilarious. Cracked me up somthing fierce!

The aquarium was too cool!!! At the end of the first section, there was a "Red Sea" exhibit. There was this little girl standing in front of this tank. As I passed, she said "LOOK! THERE'S DOREY! but where's Nemo?". It was the cutest thing. Well, upon further investigation of other tanks, we found Nemo. He was cute!

One of the really cool things about the aquarium was the "tunnel" style hallways. The walls and celing were a really heavy plexiglass. It was really cool to "walk through water". In the middle of the second section, they had an alligator pit. YOU WALKED ACROSS THE ALLIGATOR PIT ON PLEXI FLOORING!!!!! It was kinda creepy. They had the same type of plexi in the floor when you walked through the "big tank" tunnel. Really neat! That's where we found Mr. Ray! They have sting rays in the big tank with some different breeds of sharks and a couple of shark rays. They were really cool!! (At one point in the big tank tunnel, I heard myself singing: "Let's name the zones, the zones, the zones...". It was very scary!!!)

At the end of the aquarium tour, they had a shark petting area. They also had this scale you could sit on and it would tell you what shark you would be based on your weight. Yeah, we didn't sit on it! I really don't care what kind of shark I would be. And in actuallity, I very well might have turned into one if I'd have sat on that thing. It wouldn't have been pretty.

Anyway, I'll be posting pics when I get copies of them from E & K.


Smiliegirl said...

ahh pics are on the way, sorry taking longer than i expected. hee hee and yes you know me and pictures. Its even crazier when me and "k" get together ;-)