Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Moving on...

I'm surprised that I didn't have any response to the last post, but oh, well.

Moving right along...

I didn't get any real good pics from Family Week, although there are a few good shots of S.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had Randy Skeens up to preach. He's just sooooooo good. The Lord confirmed a few things through his sermons on those 3 nights. Thursday night was Movie Night. We watched "Facing the Giants". Excellent movie - and it went along with the sermons that Randy preached earlier in the week. Isn't that just like God. Friday night was bowling. We rented the whole bowling alley - and it was full! I was impressed. Saturday night was Thanksgiving dinner.

This week brings a whole new set of plans. IT'S OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD COLLECTION WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please check out the link. Get involved. It's a wonderful thing.

I will have some pics from collection week. Yesterday, we had a group visiting from Budapest, Hungary. They've helped with the distribution of OCC shoeboxes in previous years. They've never seen what happens on this end. It was really cool! They got to pack individual boxes, pack those boxes into cartons and load the cartons onto the Roadway trailer that's sitting in the church parking lot. They also held a concert last night. It was beautiful! I'll have some pics from that, too.

I'm also still working on writing the Christmas program for our teens. I'm almost done. It's been something that I've had to "labor" over. Creatively giving birth to something can make life miserable, but this has just been such a rich experience. I can't wait until the program. We might even do it again next year. =)

I'll be back with some pics from OCC Collection Week.

BTW, leave me a comment. Let me know where you're reading from.


A Place For Ministry Wives said...

I'm reading ya! I don't get here as often as I would like, but today I'm catching up on my blog reading! :-)