Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nothing like a short break... clear your head.

I had hit a writing "brick wall". I just couldn't write anything else. I still had one monologue to finish and connect the last person with the finale - and I just couldn't do it.

So, I "got the heck out of Dodge" and went on a mini-vacation. Mind you that every "vacation" we take, we end up doing some kind of work. This one was no different.

We went to Charlotte, NC to work in the Operation Christmas Child processing center. This is the third year that we've gone down to work. The first 2 years, we worked directly with the shoeboxes. I liked working in the "pre-sort" area. This is where volunteers go through each shoebox and take out the money for shipping. (Note: There are locked trunks that the money is inserted into and police on site to make sure that everyone stays honest.)

This year, we decided to do something a bit different. There are wonderful companies like Crest, McDonald's, and Star-Light candies that donate stuff to help fill the boxes - just in case someone only puts in a barbie doll. Guidepost magazine also gets into the act. They ask their readers that knit or crochet to go to their website, print the pattern, and knit or crochet sweaters. Then, you send the sweaters to Guidepost and they send the sweaters on to the OCC processing centers. Martha Stewart would say that "it's a very good thing".

On Friday (day after Turkey Day), I folded the knitted or crocheted sweaters that had been made by the Guidepost readers. I made a VERY small dent in the amount of cartons left to be sorted and folded - even though I folded and sorted about 14 cartons of sweaters. On Saturday, C & I started with the Crest Spiderman Spinbrushes. We took out 3 pallets of these things. Two of the pallets had about 1,000 or more toothbrushes on them. Then, I started in on the Happy Meal toys along with some rather large "Larry the Cucumber" stuffed animals (I know, he's a vegetable not an animal. It's a descriptive thing.) Anyway, I think there were about 5 pallets (5 foot tall) gone by the time I left. C made a nice dent in the pencil-head erasers while I took out those Barbie Happy Meal toys.

On a side note, C said that if anyone at The Plant asked what he did over the weekend, he was going to tell them that he played Barbie's with his wife. I think he might have been Skipper. cause I'm not going to be anybody but Barbie herself.

Well, 2 days of physical work can do wonders for your mental/creative constipation. I think I might be able to finish the part I got stuck on last week and finish the end of the program. (Nothing like waiting till the last minute.)

Please continue to pray for me that I'll write what God wants me to write and keep the program focused on worship. (That's been the theme for the whole thing and I had been wavering with this last part.)

See y'all later...


Smiliegirl said...

so so, i found my cd lying around the house, and its AMAZING. and i also talked to michael about the part, it was a bit late after, so i'm "blogging you" haha ((yeah he gave me crap about that one))
any way i'm gonna stop rambling, & tell you he'll do it, and also wears a Medium lol. my muscular man =P
i'll talk to you later love ya, u can vent when ever you want :-) byeeeeee!