Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Challenge Week 7

How are all you little Ragamuffin-Toppers out there???? You can check up on them by going here.

I'm hoping they are better than I am here. I really think the stress is getting to me.

Here we go:

Starting weight: 285
Last week:286.2
This week: 288.2

That means I'm +2lbs.


I'm not eating as much or as often. I'm getting frustrated.

My confession: I've been working on soooooo many other things, I've not made time to exercise. I know that's bad. The Nationals start on Sunday. I've got too much to do between now and then, and I've not lost any weight. I've gained.

I'm not eating bad, I'm just not getting any exercise in. I'm not sleeping good, either.

One side-note: I've been really stressed this past weekend. I was woke up at 12:20am Friday morning by my neighbor who let me know that my car had been hit. The person who hit me ran. And on Saturday, I paid that car off. I've not had much fun this weekend, but the adjuster came yesterday and the damage didn't look too bad. So, my "just paid off car" is in the shop getting a face-lift, and I'm driving a rental that has bald tires. Yippee.

After next week, the majority of the stress is over. Maybe I'll get better at this weight-loss thing.


Abbi said...

Hang in there! Keep fighting the good fight!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

One thing I just read in a mag (also mentioned on my blog): Your body's dehydration cues feel just like hunger cues. So, try drinking a full glass before you reach for a snack. That will help make up for the fact you can squeeze in exercise right now.

That, and remember that every little bit counts...park further away from the store/office/church, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do some calf raises while you are waiting in line, etc.

Hang in there. Sorry to hear about the car! That stinks!!! Hope you're week is better so far!

Todd Ruth said...

Hey. Thanks for the prayer support. It's awesome that your kids will be praying over the streets in Elkhart, IN. You guys are awesome!!!!!!!