Monday, June 9, 2008

The Challenge, Part 2

Ok. Do you remember that I said something about this?

I thought you might.

This week was not good.

I've been very stressed this week. I've got the important stuff glaring me in the face and it's oppressive. It's like it's looming just on the other side of the sun setting - and it's coming to get me.

I've not eaten everything in sight. That's a comfort.

But I put on 3lbs this week. That would be 288lbs. It's not pretty. Not pretty at all. You may see the other post on this for a pic. Nothing has changed. =(

I didn't get the chance to walk this week. I had no air conditioner in my house (When I got home on Thursday, for example, it was 95+ , according to the thermostat. Did I remember to tell you that the summer before we bought our house, the air conditioning unit mounted on the slab next to the house was clean cut and hauled off, so we have to put a window unit into a window that was not designed for that? And did I mention that we live less than 2 blocks from one of the worst housing developments in our city? Walking outside is not an option.)

Now, I realize while that's not a really great excuse, I've had episodes of passing out when my core temp gets too hot. I really prefer not to do the passing-out thing. It kinda scares C. Especially when he would not be able to get to me. (If the bed of the treadmill is down, you can't open the bedroom door. It lays across the opening.)

So, while I may have failed this past week, I will not fail this next week.

Please continue to have hope.

And just for the record, I said something about deep-fried Twinkies and Snickers, but I haven't touched one. I promise.


Dandelion Seeds said...

Oh... I'm right there with you this week and eating because of a bad week... Looking forward to seeing how you did this week! Keep going!