Monday, June 16, 2008

The Challenge Week 3 (weigh-in #2)

Still asking if you've joined the challenge. Well, have you??

Well, this week was better, but still really hectic.

I did get in some exercise this week. It was more than last week. This week:

Tuesday: 2 miles.

Thursday: 1.75 miles. I'd gone to the tanning bed, so my core temp was already up. I walked until I thought I might pass out. (I know. Tanning beds are bad for you.)

Last weeks weight: 288.6

This weeks weight: 286.6

Goal weight: as skinny as possible by July 19th. (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!)

YAY!! That's down 2 lbs!

I had lunch with Mom yesterday (she's doing the challenge - only she doesn't know it. we're both trying to lose weight for the same "big event" in July.). She was telling me that she'd gained some weight since starting to watch what she ate. I actually have, too. I'm not real sure why.

This next week will be better. I'll try getting some pics for next week. I don't have a digital camera. I do have a video camera, but I don't have access to the interweb on the weekends. We'll see what happens....


Gretchin said...

Hey!! Great job with the 2lbs. thats awesome!!!

I know the exercise thing is hard. I gave up last week but hope to do better with my workouts.

Anyways, keep up the great work and remember that we can all do this with a little support from one another.


Leslie Brooke said...

Hi! Thanks for the encouragement. Looks like you're doing great, 2 lbs. IS awesome!
Let's both keep it up & try to avoid the drive thrus!
Leslie Brooke