Friday, April 6, 2007

The Best Friday EVAH!!!!!

In my whole life, this has to be the best Friday ever. EVAH!!!!! I told you something about this in my last post, but I have some details that will help it all make sense.

The company I have been working for through a temp agency is putting me on their payroll next week!!!! So, this will be the last time I have to fax a time card on a Friday afternoon! You don't quite understand until you know the whole story.......

About 2-1/2 years ago I was working retail. While it had it's perks, I couldn't wear the clothes from said store. They were just a little too small. I needed the Lane Bryant down the hall. I finished my shift on Memorial Day (they paid time & 1/2 for what was worked plus a regular day - understand why I worked it?) and the next morning started work for a friend of mine.

You know the saying, "Never work for your family.", well, sometimes that applies to your friends as well. Especially this friend. She lived 45 minutes away (I worked in her home) and I was working 60 - 80 hours a week by Christmas of that year. No time for C at all! No thank you! Besides that, her live-in was getting mean. Exit stage right.

I spent 2 months unemployed. It was horrible. Mom kept telling me, "Go to the gym and work off the stress.". I did that - until I almost couldn't walk. I would work out and pray the whole time. Pray that God would give me a good job. One that I wouldn't hate going to work. That I didn't want to temp anywhere because temps never get hired. I almost went broke sending out resumes. I finally went to the temp agencies.

The first said, "It'll take a week or more to get you in to see someone. We'll call with your appointment time." Great. That's not what I wanted to hear at all. So, I went across the street to #2. She told me, "Let's see what I've got. (She punched around on her computer for a few seconds and turns back to me.) I have 'X' position at '$X' dollars an hour. Are you interested? If so, I'm going to send your resume right away." The response? "Sure." That was on Monday.

On Tuesday, the lady from #2 agency called. "Right after you left, I sent your resume over to 'X' company. They want to meet with you. How's tomorrow at 1:30? If so, I'll call her back and tell her you'll be coming." WOW! What just happened here? Is this for real? Is God doing one of those "The Truman Show" things with me? Cause that wouldn't be funny.

Wednesday: After a 2 hour interview, "When can you start?" My answer, "I don't have anything planned for the next 2-ish hours. Would you like me to start today?" Her answer, "Yes!"

One month shy of being there for2 years, I left. Why? Because they didn't want to hire me - yet, they didn't want to train anybody else. Does that make any sense?! I don't think so. I finished the week and the next Monday, I started at this wonderful place. It's hectic at times, but what job isn't? The people here don't speak to you all mean and hateful. They are very laid back - compared with the first place, but it was that way because the office manager was strung tighter than a guitar string. I thought she would "pop" a couple of days.

I'm going to be very happy here.

Thank you Lord. It's been a hard 2 years, but You had all this in store for me. I can't wait to find out what else there is...I know I have to "search with all my heart" to find out what those things are. That's ok. I trust you. More than I trust anything else. And thank you for what this weekend represents. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for You. I love You!