Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Well, it's been a while. Just not had much time.

Ok, I've fallen off the saddle with the whole music thing, but I plan on starting that again. It's just been really, really busy at the house. Not much time for Mozart and Bach. They're just going to have to wait. I think they've got a while. You know they are both, well, dead. "Time is on my side, yes it is..." Thank you Slim Fast for that little nugget.

Work is going well. I've never said anything about work yet, but it's going well. It's taken a while for me to find the right "fit". I work for a temp service. I told God I didn't want to work for a temp service, but He had other plans. So, I've been temping for 2-ish years and now, I'M GETTING PUT ON PAYROLL!!!!! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!!! (Can't you hear the "Hallelujah Chorus" playing in the background? Thought so.) Now I work for The Office. On a side note, it's nothing like the show.

C lost his job right before Thanksgiving. That was really hard. =( It made the holidays harder than what they already were. We were "paycheck to paycheck" kind of people before C got the can, so I wasn't sure how we were going to deal with this. The whole company closed. So, it wasn't just C. It was everybody. Well, C found himself the nicest little job - through a different temp service. He used to work as a warehouse manager - now he's in production. He told me last night that he was told the night before that they had already started a permanent file on him because of all the machines that he's being trained to work on. C was told that he was on the "fast track" to being hired on. YEAH!!!! (I'm so impressed with God! He makes me smile! =))

My mom called the other night. She asked, "Do you have a minute?" (She never asks that - it must be something serious.) She handed the phone to S (my niece, she's 4). Then I hear, "HI! AUNTIEB! MY WANT TO TALK TO YOU! CAN I?!" (I think she hangs out with Boomama's little boy) MANY! EXCLAMATION! POINTS! ARE! USED! DURING! THAT! DISCUSSION!!!!! Might I say, I was rivited the whole time.

And on a funny note, one of my coworkers had to make a bank run for the company the other day. He said that when the teller was counting the money back to him, (starting with the big #'s and working down to the ones) she got hung when she switched from 50's to 20's. She finally had to call in someone else to count the money. Do you think she might want to look for another job? Just kinda throwing that out there.

I think that clears some stuff out for right now. See ya!