Thursday, October 4, 2007

I did it - again.

I must admit - I never thought that my spare time would be learning how my big car works. It never seemed like something I might even be remotely interested in.

Having said that, being raised by a single mom, you just learn the most cost effective way to do just about anything. So, if I tried, I could probably change my oil, but I'll just let the guys at Wal-Mart think they're doing me some huge favor. =)

Sister is most disgusted by the fact that I'm not afraid to try anything - and usually, I end up with something that works like it's supposed to or looks like what it's supposed to.

Anyway, I called the parts store that I originally bought the spark plugs and wires from. I spoke with someone different than I had the night before. He informed me that the lunkhead that sold me the first set of plugs failed to tell me that those plugs were for a 4-cylinder foreign made car. I have a 6-cylinder American made car. Do you see a problem?

I called said parts store, spoke with "Jim", and asked how much the correct plugs were. There was a $4 difference in the price of the plugs. Ok. These just came out of the box. Will you exchange them? No. So now, I'm out the price of the cheaper plugs and the price of the correct plugs.

So, I contacted a different auto supply store. They laughed (and then apologized) at the mistake the guy from the first store made. They set me up with new plugs and wires. Their plugs (same manufacturer, same plug) were almost $2 more than the first store, but they did a price match. YAY, SECOND STORE!!! And my new best friend's name is "John".

After amputating my arm and leg to pay for the correct plugs and wires, I went home to change them out - AGAIN!!!

Do you believe this?!?!?!?!?!?!

Anyway, after I managed to finish slicing off every finger letting my engine chew my arm off again changing out the stupid plugs for the correct ones, I held my breath and started the car. I knew something wasn't right with the first set of plugs. The car was "putting". You could hear that something wasn't quite right. After changing them to the correct ones, it only sounded like an exhaust should "putt".

(Insert fiesta music and me shaking my booty right here. Well, maybe not shaking my booty. That might be a danger to me or some innocent bystander.)

So, after much laying on my engine (it gives new meaning to the "laying on of hands" that scripture speaks of), my car runs muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better. That's one step closer to having it back on the road.

I'll be back with the summary of the lesson I taught last night during Youth Meeting. Even the kids were commenting on how timely the lesson was.