Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I did it.

I finally finished changing the spark plugs and wires in my big car.

I know you're asking, "Why didn't C do that?"

My simple answer, C has not one "handy-man" bone in his body. He does ok at the plant - with the machines he works with. But not at home.

My neighbors were getting a kick out of watching me crawl into the engine of my car. At one point, I was laying on the car with my feet off the ground. I'm sure it was very funny and scary to watch.

Funny, in the fact that it looked like the engine of my car was eating me, and scary, in the fact that my hinder parts were sticking out in rare form.

I'm sure you're wondering why all the rush to get this car fixed.

Well, C informed me that they're switching him to second shift but that he did turn in a request to remain on third. He still must go to second, but his supervisor and the 3rd shift mgr are trying hard to get him back on 3rd.

So, he will probably take the little car and I'll take the big car. It's been really nice, these last few months. We've been sharing the little car because the big car was having issues. Now, I'm trying to fix the issues because we won't be able to share a car anymore.

Pray for me. I'll be calling my real mechanic to see if he can work the big car in this afternoon or tomorrow. All I know - it needs to be on the road by Monday. That's when the big "schedule shift" starts.

Pray for C. Another guy from our church started right after C. They've done the same thing to him. He said the adjustment from 3rd to 2nd isn't fun. He's been on 2nd for almost a month. He told C that it was veeeeeeeeeeeery sllllllllllllllllllllllowly getting easier.

I'll let you know how the car thing works out...


Joyce said...

I ma amazed that a woman will try someithing like what you did. My husband will not let me under the hud. Many years ago, he wanted me to put oil in and if he had not been there I would have put the oil in the transmission. A High Five to a wonder women such as you.