Monday, October 22, 2007

Musical Happenings

Well, the kids in the Youth Group started working on different projects for the State Bible, Music & Arts Competition for the 2007-08 year. It's hard to work with the kids during regular youth meeting. I've got kids who can't do competition - they're too old and out of high school. Sometimes that is disruptive. So, we'll be having other practices.

Let me see if I can remember what everybody's doing.

C (E's niece - from the younger class) - probably a vocal solo.

E (one of "my girls") - vocal solo, photography, choir, and puppets. I'm going to see if she'll enter in poetry and piano, too. She could do really well with those.

M (another one of "my girls") - 7th grade Bible Memorization, choir, puppets, and maybe some art or a solo.

S (yet another, "my girls") - 8th grade Bible Memorization, vocal solo, choir, puppets, and I'm not sure what else. She's been out playing volleyball with her school.

D (one of "my guys") - trombone solo, choir, puppets, and powerpoint. There might be something else thrown in later.

E (D's brother) - 8th Grade Bible Memorization, choir, and puppets. He might work on something else, too.

There are a few other kids who I've not talked to about doing something for this year's competition, but we'll see what happens. I think there will be more entries.

This year is unlike any other year with these kids. The National Competition will be in our state! This also means that State Competition will be bigger than it's been in years past. It also makes the kiddos waaaaaaaaaay more nervous.

I think we may have to come up with one more bible entry. I'm not sure.

Anyway, I've already picked out the music for D's trombone solo. I had to transpose and convert the music for him into bass clef and into the key of F. It took about 45 minutes. He'll be playing "He Leadeth Me" with "Farther Along". Like a medley. I'll be playing backup on piano. E is singing "At the Foot of the Cross" with "His Life for Mine". The choir song hasn't been picked out yet, but the last thing they worked on was "Word of God, Speak" by MercyMe. They sounded pretty good. S was working on a solo for last year and ran out of time. It was "If" by Nicole Nordeman. She might do that this year.

They want to do a Christmas program. I'll be writing it. I can't ever find a program that has the right number of parts for the number of kids I have.

E, M, & S are working with the Children's Church program during morning worship on Sundays. E said that the younger kids want to do a program, too. I told E I'd help where I could - which may mean playing for their program. And I also found out that the choir director (E's dad), will start having practice for the adult program.

As you can see, things are going to get quite interesting over the next few months. We also have "Family Week" coming up a week from Sunday at church. Sunday morning, I'll be singing with Mom & Bop. Then, I'll be singing with Mom, Sister, S (my niece - age 4), and Mom suggested that we (Mom, Sister & me) sing one of the songs we sung when Mom took us to Israel.

Then, right after "Family Week", we'll convert the fellowship hall into the Operation Christmas Child collection center. Did I hear somebody say that they'd never heard about OCC?!?! Click on the link and check them out! They're a fantastic organization!

Well, I believe that I've loaded you down with more info that you'd ever want to read in one post. So, I'll see you later.


Smiliegirl said...

oh yeah and "C" is a "K"