Monday, October 29, 2007

I've been to the land of Oz...

I'm kidding......sorta.

Well, I knew we (me, Mom, & Bop) were going out of town for a conference meeting. You know, where there are a few churches that get together every quarter and discuss items of business that pertain to that particular bunch of people in that particular area of the state.

So, we made a 2 hour drive on Friday evening. We were still about an hour away, but we figured getting 2 hours of it out of the way made much more sense. Since we were about to go into the middle of nowhere for this thing.

Anyway, we did ok finding the place, but it was an adventure getting there. We started on a 4-lane split highway. We turned off that onto a 2-lane road - not bad. We turned off that road onto a 1-3/4 lane road - getting a bit nervous. You stay on that road for 4.2 miles. 4.2 MILES?!?!?! WE'RE GOING TO BE OUT IN THE STICKS!!!!!!!!! (nothing against country folks, but I'm a city girl) Well, after 4.2 MILES, it said you'd see "Cokely's barn" on the right and then make a left at the "Y" intersection and go another 2-something miles.

Cokely's barn? We'd already passed 892,375 barns since we turned off the 2-lane road! None of the other barns were labeled with the owner's name. Were we supposed to know these people?!?! Well, much to my amusement, this one was labeled. =) So, we made the left at the "Y". Then the road went from 1-3/4 lane down to 1-1/4 lane. In the curves, it was only 3/4 of a lane. I was afraid - VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told Mom that if anybody showed up in bibbed overalls, I was out of there. And in a hurry!!!

We had a good time at the conference (and to my relief no one showed up in bibs). Then, we made our way home. 3 hours later, we pull into Mom's driveway. Now, it's on to doing Sister's hair for a Halloween party she was going to.

I finished Sister's hair at 9:30. They were going to be up very late, I'm sure.

To complete the evening, we piled S into the carseat and made a break for the nearest Wendy's, hit the interstate (quickest route) and down the road to the Pumpkin House. You can see pics here and here. It's really cool in person. S had a blast and we had a blast watching her.

I'll be back with the rest of the story. Until then, you can just call me Paul Harvey.


Smiliegirl said...

haha i'm kinda here, i just need some time to myself before i can post anything new.