Thursday, October 18, 2007

That makes me a happy girl...

So I went to check out this new doctor this morning. It made me quite nervous.

But apparently, there were a few of you out there who remembered that I'd asked for prayer about this. Thank you!

This guy is great. Even the PA student he had in there was great. They were both a little unnerved when I told them that I wanted to change docs when I told them that I had asthma and that doc #1 (in the same facility, different dept. Doc #1 is in internal medicine. Doc #3 is in family practice.) only listened to my lungs one time in the last year. He kinda shot me a look that said "Why didn't you switch earlier?!?!?!"

He changed none of my meds (yeah!). He's leaving me on the Flexaril (yippee!!!!! it's the only thing keeping the pain at bay). He's pushing to get me the appointment with an OBGYN to get the "girlie gut" thing checked on.

He did manage to give me one "frown-y face sticker". My cholesterol was too high the last time I had blood drawn for a full panel screen. He's given me 6 months to see what I can do.

I guess it's diet time, girls! Wish me luck - I'll keep you posted.