Monday, October 8, 2007


Pics from Retreat. I hope you enjoy. The first pic is the pulpit. The other flowers in the sanctuary were just like these.

This is Patty Ross. She plays a 12-string guitar. She writes her own songs - and they are beautiful.

This is one of me and my girls doing sign language to "I Can Only Imagine". I sang and the girls did most of the sign language. They did real good. Love those girls.

I told you guys how excited I was to be invited to sing with Kyla Rowland. Here's the proof that I did, in fact, sing with her - and her sweet husband, Bob. I can really "let her rip" with them. They like to sing loud. I do too!

This is Kyla Rowland speaking to us. She delivered just the right words that were needed that night. I'm thankful that God gave her the words that were needed that night - we had one come back to the altar and rededicate her life. What a joyous time we had, but how much more were they rejoicing in Heaven?!

This one may be a little hard to see. We had to use the "night vision" setting on the video camera. Let me explain this picture a little. I hope you can make out the cross. It's a wooden cross. Those white things are cards with prayer requests on them. That Friday night, we nailed our prayer requests to the cross while the song "Nail it to the cross" by The Whisnants played.

This picture might be hard to see, too. After the prayer requests were nailed to the cross, Bop (in the white robe) came out with a huge red piece of fabric. The fabric represents the blood of Christ covering our prayer requests. It was a very powerful moment when the fabric was draped over the cross. It makes me think of how God would approvingly look at the finished work of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

This is Mom giving a welcome Saturday morning. The cross behind her is a little easier to see in the light.

This is me, Mom & Bop. We travel locally and sing in different churches, too. This is always a refreshing time for us - even though the 3 of us were up to our eyeballs in "stuff to do" during this weekend.

Some of those girls got a little rowdy after the praise service started. They were like that in all 3 seating sections. It was good.

Kyla reminded us about how wonderful Heaven would be. Sometimes, you just need a reminder that this is not the end.

I think Kyla was "filled to overflowing" on this song.

Hope you enjoyed getting a little glimpse of what a wonderful weekend we had. If you're interested in a video, leave me a comment. The videos are $10 for the set. All of the proceeds will go toward the State Ladies Auxillary hosting the International Women Active for Christ conference when the National Association of Free Will Baptists comes to West Virginia this next summer.

See y'all later.


Anonymous said...

Wow - I was surprised to see myself! Couldn't you have made me look a bit thinner? ha! By the way, it's the National Association that's coming - not the International Association. The International group is meeting this week.

Smiliegirl said...

i know no time, i'm pumped for saturday omgggggosh!